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exclusivity & emotion

The most exclusive situations for those looking for a luxury experience to live at least once in their life.

territory & innovation

Taste and respect for the most ancient traditions of our territory in the eno-gastronomic field. Quality wines and dishes with a unique flavor.

art & style

You will be delighted with the unique architecture, the pure beauty of the elements, the centuries-old culture of the area.

Dinner in the vineyards

The soft light, the sunset behind the hills, the almost full moon among the vineyards, sweet musical notes between dishes and refined wines like Amarone, Recioto, Prosecco and Fior d’Arancio.

distillates itinerary

Distilled path guided through tactile and olfactory teasers to discover the local grappa and spirits between tastings and visits to the most important distilleries in the area.

Sensory Winery

An interactive path to discover the dynamics of drying of the grapes, the production processes and the use of different woods.


Exclusive dinners with an artistic theme, surrounded by modern artworks and colors.

intimate notes in harmony

Faced with this spell, the viewer accepts and wants something mysterious to intervene in his relationship with the scene.

Bubbles in the villa

Unique event to meet, in enchanting places, the best of Italian and Veneto sparkling wine production, as well as a selection of gastronomic products from our territory.

health concept

Let yourself be pampered by nature and restore energy in elegant, sophisticated and modern settings.

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