What is meant by the term incentive?

A lot of people use this term, but there are many explanations that are given in different areas. Incentive does not mean anything other than motivation, or the impulse to improve themselves, from work to sport.
Being motivated to improve it’s better than you can expect. Offering incentive trips to their employees means rewarding them by offering them something that is both economically evaluable and humanly significant. In fact, traveling means first of all accumulating experiences, creating memories and growing on a personal level.

Furthermore, incentive trips are often combined with team building activities and enriched by a series of benefits, which make the experience particularly rich and meaningful.

Benefits of incentive programs in the company

The advantages of projects incentive in the workplace, are found in the increased productivity, given by the enthusiasm that employees and collaborators are at work, in most teams, in creating a more serene and rewarding professional environment and even in economic bonuses.

  • Improvement of the professional environment;
  • Increase of productivity;
  • Team spirit;
  • Work enthusiastically;
  • Growing on a personal level;
  • Be more inspired and increase the production of ideas.

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We realize tailor-made incentive trips taking care of the characteristics of the company and the subjective needs of the participants. Authentic incentive travel, which would be complicated to organize on its own or hard to find ready, with all the distinctive elements expected to turn that travel experience into an indelible memory.

Short, medium or long-term destinations enhanced by a supporting theme, by engaging communication before, during and after the trip, by brilliant animators, by programs that embody a skilful mix of culture, relax and a lot of fun, benefiting the interpersonal relationship between the participants and the company.