what is a green meeting?

Are you organizing your next corporate meeting and would you like an event with low environmental impact? Our agency is specialized in organizing of green meetings.

the main purposes


We organize our events so as to minimize emissions of harmful gases and CO2 trying to optimize consumption. The goal of reducing greenhouse gases is a priority of our company.

minimize resource consumption

Become more energy efficient by keeping any kind of waste under control, such as water or electricity and all natural resources.

limit waste production

Every year more than 3.5 million tons of waste are produced worldwide. We are the first agency with a logistics service aimed at countering the increase in this number.

encourage recycling

Doing separate waste collection is an important task and we do it in the best way to ensure that a sustainable and ecological lifestyle is spread.

bring benefits

Bring economic, social and environmental benefits to the subjects or to the territory hosting the conference or event.


In each of our events we try to make the participants aware of the issues of environmental sustainability, sustainable and responsible tourism.