Excursion time: from 06:30 p.m till about 00:00

Meeting point : Abano Terme, accommodation in Bus GT and departure to Colli Euganei.

The tour will be effectuated with a minimum of 30 participants/ max 45 participants

Price: € 65,00 p/p (may be chage)


  • 06:30 p.m. Departure from Abano Terme
  • Transfer to Monselice, a walled town dominated by a XV century Castle. Suggestive walk which begins with the Loggetta of the XV century and goes up to the Esedre of Villa Duodo, designed at the end of the 16th century by V. Scamozzi. The old Castle Ca Marcello, built on the ruins of old towers, mantains a glamourous collection arms and furniture of the Middle Age and of the Renaissance. The Emperior Federico II fortified the city with walls, towers and the donjon at the top of the Rocca.
  • Arrive in Torreglia, where you can visit the vineyards and the cellar, and finally wine tasting with typical products too because you’ll find a gastronomy paradise where the local tradition melt with the inventive of Euganei cookers and that they will be happy to taste to you the seasonal expression of the products of the kitchen-garden, of the fields and of the paduan courtyard, as well as typical cheeses, ham and salami.
  • End of the tour and return to Abano Terme at about 00:00

The  D.O.C. wine of Colli Euganei

Natural reality that is hand down and advance tecnology that is always renew, give life to the guarantee wines from Consorzio Tutela dei vini DOC dei Colli Euganei.

The hot Colli Euganei Red

The classic Colli Euganei White

The scented Cabernet Franc

The strong Cabernet Sauvignon

The noble Pinot white

The international Chardonnay

The refined Fior d’Arancio

The intense Moscato

The happy Novello

The fresh Pinello

The elegant Merlot

The sparkling Serprino

For us wine is passion, is life.

History and nature have given to Veneto everything that a tourist  want: sea, mountains, lakes, baths and art cities. The Colli Euganei are in the centre of the region, Padua, with the Palazzo della Ragione, the Caffè Pedrocchi, the Basilica di S. Antonio, the Scrovegni chapel and other innumerabile treasures, is just some kilometres far.

The street of wine of the Colli Euganei is a fantastic world ; a land to love, with the heart a with senses, to taste in all its beauty and generosity.

In the Colli Euganei produce wine is always an art, favour. We are in the southest hill of Veneto; here the vineyard reside near the prickly pear and, thabks to the benefit influence of the sea and of the volcanic round, give us wines with medirranean taste and mineral of great character.

Here you can enjoy suggestiv and unforgettable made of blue sky, of mysterious mist, vineyard and green meadows in spring and red in witner.Here you will find vineyard of Garganega, Serprina, Tocai, Pinot, Chardonnay, Pinella, Sauvignon, Riesling, Italico, Barbera, Raboso; and the traditional vineyard of  Merlot and Cabernet, that are in the Veneto culture since ‘800.

Note for all tours
If a tour does not take place due to insufficient numbers, the ticket will be
reimbursed in full.
Otherwise please note that tickets for excursions are non-refundable.
An English-speaking guide will conduct all excursions.